29 Best And Worst Celebrity Encounters


BEST: “Meeting Sting was truly a mind-changing experience. My whole life, he had a reputation of being dismissive to fans and refusing to sign things for people, and my mom really didn’t like him as a person because of it. I worked in events, and the company I worked for had a client function at a hotel in the city. Sting walked into a bunch of fanfare and went straight to the lobby, ignoring everybody. In my mind, he proved my mother right. Later that night, when everyone was downstairs at the bar, a colleague came up behind Sting as he sat in the lobby and basically grabbed him by his shoulders. Sting was upset and went upstairs for the night. The next day, around lunch, when I snuck outside for a cig, he was in the lobby reading a book. I quietly approached him and offered an apology for the behavior the previous night. Never mentioned his music (although I am a fan), just addressed him as a person.”

“He was very soft-spoken and asked me about how the event went and what I did. He was very kind to me. What I took away from the whole thing was that celebrities are people first, celebrities second. He didn’t dismiss me because I didn’t ask him to be Sting. I spoke to him as Gordon Sumner.”






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