Liverpool journalist hits out at ludicrous Newcastle reveal

Newcastle United had a brilliant season last time out and it’s safe to say that Eddie Howe exceeded expectations for his club but also hard to ignore how he was able to achieve such success.

Taking to their Twitter account, the Magpies announced ‘a new multi-year front of shirt partnership with @Sela!’ but this statement was quickly ridiculed by many – including Simon Hughes who said: ‘Incredible catch by Newcastle. No idea how they did it’.

The Merseyside football reporter for The Athletic was clearly stating how a Saudi Arabian owned club can be sponsored by a Saudi Arabian ‘dynamic creator of spectacular experiences and iconic destinations across recreational industries’ – is far from unbelievable.

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Much like with what has happened with Manchester City and their sponsors, it’s very much a case of transferring money from one account to another for their owners which means they can write themselves blank cheques to get around financial fair play rules.

This combined with the remarkable on-field success of reaching the Champions League means that we can soon expect the Geordies to be attracting some of the world’s greatest players and start challenging for all the biggest pieces of silverware.

The reporter went on to discuss how laughable it was to suggest that the club had carefully selected their new sponsors and called into question the morality of using the failures of Mike Ashley to legitimise the actions of new owners.

The damning statement within the Twitter thread reads: ‘Not a single fan of the club thinks there’s anything weird about this. I guess that’s what money can buy you. Absolute trust and loyalty.

Great success is likely to greet those in the North East but at what cost?

You can view the messages about Newcastle via @Simon_Hughes__ on Twitter:

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