Harry Kane can be the perfect striker that United are looking for

Could United assemble the required financial package to persuade Tottenham Hotspur to enter into a deal? How frequently could Kane repeat similar goal-scoring performances both for his nation and at the club level?

Although there were many interesting subplots in England’s 7-0 victory over North Macedonia (Bukayo Saka scored a hat-trick, Trent Alexander-Arnold was used as a central midfielder for the first time, etc.), those who support Manchester United were most interested in Kane’s first-half goal, which came in the 29th minute.

Goal-Scoring Displays by Kane for the Country and Club-

Kane is not just one of the top No. 9s in the world; he also led Tottenham to a disastrous Premier League season in 2022–23 with 30 goals. He can dive deep and help the development of the squad. He is also an incredible creative player. Six of the seven goals scored included the England captain.

It was comforting to see Kane and England, who are rated fifth, easily defeat an opponent despite North Macedonia being placed 63rd in the world by FIFA, between Iceland and South Africa.

Gareth Southgate has altered England’s tactical lineup several times since taking over as manager in 2016. In the run-up to the 2018 World Cup, he originally used a cautious 3-5-2 with Kane partnering one of Rashford or Raheem Sterling. For several important matches leading up to the 2021 Euros, this would alter to a 3-4-3 formation, with Phil Foden on the right and one of Sterling, Jack Grealish, or Mason Mount playing off Kane’s left. Prior to the 2018 World Cup, England switched to the 4-3-3 formation they presently employ in the majority of their games, with Saka on the right and a number of possibilities, including Rashford, on the left.

The importance of Kane to England’s offensive plan-

Kane’s ability to score goals and make inventive passes is the centerpiece of Southgate’s England’s offensive strategy. He currently has 58 goals abroad. Shaw contributed three assists, and Rashford contributed one. (Rashford has scored 16 goals for England, two of which came with Kane’s help.)

It’s a system that has come very close to becoming successful on a global scale. Could it ever be done for United? Still to be determined. Despite Kane’s football prowess, United appears to have withdrawn from making a formal offer this summer, and his price tag is said to be north of £100 million ($127.5 million), with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy unwilling to transfer him to any Premier League team.

Transfer costs would probably come from a revolving credit arrangement with a £300 million cap if the Glazer family were to continue to run the club. Some financial fair play concerns will have been alleviated by qualification for the Champions League the following season, although United might not be able to use the whole credit facility maximum.

Senior club executives are hesitant to undertake a drawn-out – and perhaps unsuccessful – negotiation for the striker, even though coach Erik ten Hag is a fan of Kane and United have been watching his openness to a move since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had that role. In addition to the fact that Anthony Martial, their lone striker at the moment, is prone to injury, United need a new No. 9 this summer so that they may model their offence around him.

Kane’s Eligibility to Play at Position No. 9 for United–

Kane will be 30 next month, yet he meets many of Ten Hag’s prerequisites for the job. He has the skill to finish opportunities in the penalty area with either his foot or his head. Although he isn’t very speedy, he uses his off-the-ball movement skillfully to open up scoring possibilities for himself and his teammates. He is particularly skilled at playing with his back to the goal, making it easy for his custodian to direct long passes towards him. He also makes it easy for his teammates to play off of him and make runs behind him in anticipation of his astute deliveries over the top.

Shaw joked on Instagram a few days before the qualifying match on Monday that he would show Kane and West Ham midfielder Declan Rice around United’s practise facility. The left-back acknowledged he would love for the duo to become teammates at the club level in addition to with England when questioned about the prospect.

“They are elite athletes who would significantly strengthen our team, according to Shaw. But of course, I can only say so much because the club’s decision is final. Since they’ve been here for the past several days, let’s hope they enjoy and adapt to it. On Instagram, I was only half-joking; it’s a mix of both. As I previously stated, I am aware that both are elite athletes. Of course, I have no idea what is happening with the circumstances at their clubs, but if it were up to me, I would take them without a second thought. They would support us as we pursue our goals”





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