Rio Ferdinand criticizes the Glazers for lack of action during takeover process

Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has criticised the Glazer family, accusing them of a lack of communication during the ongoing takeover process. According to Ferdinand, the complexity arises from the fact that the Glazers are not a single individual.

The potential buyers involved in the saga are Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani. The lengthy takeover saga began in November of last year when the Glazer family announced their willingness to consider selling the club.

Sheikh Jassim is determined to complete a complete takeover of United and has pledged to clear the club’s debt. On the other hand, Ratcliffe’s bid would involve acquiring a majority stake, allowing the Glazer family to retain their presence at Old Trafford.

Throughout the takeover saga, the Glazers have refrained from providing any updates, resulting in a process that has now extended for over seven months.

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Former United captain Ferdinand believes that new ownership is crucial for the club’s progress and has criticized the Glazers for their lack of communication.

The defender also pointed out the challenge of reaching an agreement due to the differing views among the members of the Glazer family. Speaking on his YouTube channel FIVE, he said:

“I think the big issue is when you’re dealing with a group of people rather than an individual, it makes things very complex and difficult at times.”

“I think you’re not dealing with one individual with the Glazers. I think Sir Jim Ratcliffe came out and said it and I think that’s been the issue behind the scenes. You’re dealing with siblings in the Glazer family who are there to make a collective decision.”

“I think the Qataris have gone as far as they are going to go with the bid. This is their final offer and it’s a take-it-or-leave-it type situation. I can’t see it being anything else than that and I can’t see the statement being anything else than that.”

“We are here, we’re at the table, but we’re being held back. I keep stressing it and I’ll keep saying it, the lack of communication from them has been very short-sighted. All fanbases need communication, they need to be kept abreast sometimes of what is going on.”

United’s takeover process has been going on for a long time now. The recent fans’ protest outside the club’s megastore was an indication that the supporters are already frustrated by the entire takeover saga.

There has been no official announcement or updates by the owners. It seems that there is no conclusion even if the Qatari are favourites to win the race.

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If in case the Glazers decide to stay at Old Trafford, then you can expect a huge backlash from the fans. The club would be falling behind for years under their reign and a new owner is absolutely needed to run things around.

United need to bring their glory days back and win trophies, a thing which can only happen if the current owners leave the club.





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