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Those of us who have been exploited by the abortion industry need to step up and proclaim the truth.

As I sat recently in the courtroom listening to the prosecution during the trials and sentencing of those who engage in Red Rose Rescue, it was often very hard to fight the impulse to get up and tell not only my experience, but the experiences of thousands of other women I’ve worked with for the past 30 years who have had abortions.

In what seems like a puzzle that’s missing key pieces, the court refuses to allow the defense of the unborn or the protection of women in presenting exactly why those involved engage in Red Rose Rescue. It’s like convicting someone of diving illegally, without allowing mention of the fact that they were there to rescue someone who was drowning.

On their website, Red Rose Rescue describes their actions in these words:

During a Red Rose Rescue a team of pro-lifers enter the actual places where the innocent unborn are about to be ‘dragged to death.’ In the words of Saint Mother Teresa, they enter the ‘dark holes of the poor.’  Red Rose Rescuers peacefully talk to women scheduled for abortion, with the goal of persuading them to choose life. They offer them red roses as a sign of life, peace, and love. Should the unborn still ‘totter to execution’ Red Rose Rescuers stay in the place of execution in solidarity with their abandoned brothers and sisters performing a non-violent act of defense through their continued presence inside the killing centers remaining with them for as long as they can.

The Rescuers stay with the abandoned unborn, as the manifestation of our love for them recognizing that unborn children, as members of the human family, have a right to be defended.  The rescuers will not leave the unwanted but must be ‘taken away.’

This being “taken away” is what leads to their arrest resulting in charges from criminal trespass to obstruction of governmental administration.

Cloaked in words like “women’s health” and “reproductive health care,” the reality of what abortion is and does is never mentioned during the proceedings, nor are the very real results for countless numbers of women who, having bought into the lies of the abortion industry, now spend their lives suffering from emotional, psychological, spiritual and sometimes physical consequences.

The facade of being there to protect women is all but lost on me as I sit there thinking of the thousands I have served, many who have been coerced into abortion by boyfriends, husbands, and parents.  There are also those who struggle to live with the trauma their abortion experiences have brought to them, especially those like me, who have seen the lifeless bodies of their aborted children. And, of course, there are those who have been physically injured by abortion, and the child they terminated is the only one they ever will have. Yet, none of these facts are allowed to be admitted into the proceedings, as if the reality of abortion has nothing to do with the purpose of Red Rose Rescue.

Just recently, I attended one of their court cases where we listened to the prosecution tout the protection of the abortion clinic and the fear of the employees as the rescuers sat in the waiting room handing out roses to those who had come to terminate their pregnancies. In one such case, I had just been speaking to a woman who went to that very clinic. Coerced by her husband, she was distraught over the fact that she had caved to the pressure to abort. She then went on to speak of the treatment she received at the clinic, where she said they do not look at you, but just tell you to take the pills.

Why is it that we constantly hear about this right of abortion for women, yet those of us whose lives have been destroyed by this very action that is protected more than anything else in our country never see or hear any legislation or protections to ensure there is no coercion? Why is there never any mention of the recent horrors experienced by women who have undergone chemical abortion and are left seeing the remains of their children aborted at home? Where is the concern for their “reproductive health care?”

I am becoming more and more convinced that we who have been exploited by this killing business need to step up and proclaim the truth.

Why is it that abortion is so protected? Why is it that most of society has no clue as to what happens every day in our clinics across the country? Perhaps the omission of these truths is one of the reasons those who engage in Red Rose rescue put their lives on the line and are willing to sacrifice their freedoms.

I must admit, as I sat in the courtroom and listened to the prosecution and the judges speak of their jail sentences being a “deterrent” to their actions, I could not help but wonder how in their hearts they justify the fact that they are putting into jail people who sit in a waiting room and hand out roses hoping to change the minds of those who come there, while the abortionist in a room next door is protected while tearing apart the unborn and many times injuring the women they say they are helping.

I don’t know how all of this will end for our society. It is one of the most divisive issues in our times, but I think the tide will turn — not through the courts or pro-abortion groups, not through Red Rose Rescue or pro-life groups, but by the voices of those who have been there and know the truth of the destruction it has caused personally and on our society.





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